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There are over 1600 parks and gardens under the management of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) across Hong Kong. Featuring green canopies and seasonal blooms all year round, such parks and gardens draw crowds of flower viewers taking pictures during flowering seasons. Among an array of flowering plants, some species are in particular popular with visitors. To facilitate members of the public to appreciate flowers in a timely manner, we will make available on this website the information on those beloved species, including Red Leaves, Purple Tabebuia, Cherry Blossoms, Yellow Pui, Camel's Foot Tree, Rhododendron, Lotus Flower, Queen Crape Myrtle and Hong Kong Orchid Tree.

Camel's Foot Tree

Scientific Name : Bauhinia variegata

Native to the South China area, it is a deciduous tree in the family Caesalpiniaceae with a height up to 15 metres, bearing violet or paler flowers that have conspicuous dark purple and yellowish-green strips on upper petals.  Camel's Foot Tree blossoms in March with gorgeous flowers and a light fragrance, usually reaching full bloom before the emergence of new foliage.  The blooming flowers dye the tree crown pink, helping create pleasant views comparable to those of Cherry blossoms and hence making them highly popular among flower lovers.  It is commonly used in roadside and garden landscaping projects.

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